Gourmet Premium Dog Treat Bakery

  • Get Your Personalized Dog Treats Today!

    Make your four-legged companion stand out by customizing their next set of treats! We can craft treats in their preferred flavor with their name or a phrase to express your unique relationship.

    To place an order or inquire about custom treats, please fill out our Custom Order Form. A qoute will be provided within 1 business day.

  • Hosting A Dog Event

    Are you hosting a dog event? Need dog treats or dog wine? Don't worry we got you covered on dog treats and more!

    Send us your thoughts and ideas and we can work with you to plan your next dog event.

    Email: sales@treatmetoodogtreats.com for more information.

  • Twin Cities Local Bakery

    Famous locally for tantalizing doggy taste buds with our handcrafted doggy treats.

  • Extend Your Dogs' Life

    Our premium homemade dog treats are healthier and cost much less than the factory-made alternative.

  • Treat Me Too Dog Treats vs. The Leading Brand

    Free of artificial preservatives, sugars, and made from whole food products, our treats are better for the planet and better for your canine comrade. Plus our treats taste and look better!


"All my dogs and my two grand-pups love their treats. The company is committed to high-quality, all natural dog treats for puppers.'

- Laura M.

"These treats are amazing. Picked them up at the MPLS Pet Market and gave them to my dogs and my fosters. Every single one of them scarfed them down. They smell amazing, I almost took a bite. Even my picky dogs didn't hesitate.

-Tracy S.

We Respond to Inquiries Related to Orders Within Two Business Days!